About Cratere.


The extensive menus are designed to offer a mix of modern cuisine. We use only the finest and freshest seasonal ingredients. We like to select and process the raw materials of our territory.
We select cold cuts and cheeses from all over the world and we are thrilled by a cut of quality beef. We get excited when we found the right combination.
From the aperitif, to the dinner, to the finger in combination with the cocktails of the after dinner: we work every day to make everything perfect.
For years – together with Marco – Giuseppe has been directing the Kitchen.

Wine List.

More or less it works like this: Marco tastes a bottle that excites him and knows immediately that it is one of those that he would like you to try too.
Our wine list is born from the desire to tell you what we like.
Sixty labels –more or less. We hate the usual geographical classification, so our list is bit different ☺.
In each section, wines are listed by body, from the lightest to the most robust.

Marco is convinced: there is no wine experience without experimentation, travel and discovery.

Have fun.


A place to drink well, choosing from our proposal of distillates, wines, vermouth and liqueurs.
 Behind the bar you can find Annalisa and Michele, who have always said, “alcohol is a serious thing!”
Let’s start with the aperitif. Then we combine the right cocktail with your burger. At the end, there is still place for the after dinner.

One of the things we are proud of it’s our collection of gin, about 100 right now.

At least we are pretty much sure that there is one you have never tasted.
We bet you.

A place to Love. #lovingcratere